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9 Pokemon Birthday Party Games Your Kids Will Actually Want to Play

Pokemon party games & activities are a great way to make your celebration Pokemon-themed without having to go over-the-top on decorations. These games and activities are tried & true favorites with a Pokemon twist, plus a few unique surprises mixed in!

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1. Golduck, Golduck, MONGOOSE!

Play this game just like "Duck, Duck, Goose!", but use Pokemon names instead! If you want to use a pokemon that better-resembles an actual goose than Mongoose, you could use 'Swanna', but we think 'Mongoose' has a better ring to it.

2. Pin the Tail on the Pokemon

Blindfold each mini Pokemon trainer, give them 4 or 5 spins, then set them free to pin the tail on the Pokemon! Whoever gets it closest wins a Pokemon prize!

Pin the tail on the pokemon - birthday party game

3. "Who's that Pokemon?"

If you're not familiar with Pokemon, you wouldn't know, but "Who's that Pokemon" is an iconic phrase in the Pokemon world. Part of the fun of Pokemon is knowing who all of the pocket monsters are and what they can do! Play this game like classic charades or pictionary-style. Some easy Pokemon that your kids should be able to guess are: snorlax, pikachu, charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, charizard, ponyta, butterfree, beedrill, mewtwo, staryu, blastoise, magikarp

4. Pokemon Piñata

Have the kids pretend to be a Farfetch'd as they use 'pound' attack on the piñata with their leek!

Pikachu pinata - pokemon birthday party game

5. Psyduck Says

Play this game just like 'Simon says'! Tell the kids you're going to use 'confusion attack' (don't worry, they'll get it) on them and try to make them mess up!

6. Water Type Gym Battle

A perfect summer activity, or for those of you who are lucky enough to live in warm areas... Have some water balloons on hand and call for a water type gym battle AKA water balloon fight -OR- a water balloon toss.

7. Pikachu Ears Craft-ivity

All the kids will LOVE becoming Pikachu for the afternoon! Trust us.

Pikachu ears craft for birthday parties

8. Chansey's Egg Race

At every Pokemon Center, you'll find Nurse Joy and the Pokemon 'Chansey'. It's a cute, pink Pokemon that helps heal others and has a little egg in a pouch on it's stomach.

Have the kids play this game just like a classic egg race where they balance an egg on a spoon. Be careful just like Chansey -- take care of the egg and don't let it fall!

Use a household spoon and a real egg -OR- try this colorful wooden 'egg race' kit and skip the mess!

Egg race - kids birthday party games

9. Pokemon Mask Craft-ivity

Have craft time and create Pokemon masks out of felt. Then, let their imaginations run wild as they pretend to be different Pokemon!

Pokemon crafts for kids - Pokemon masks

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