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A Fan Site for Pokemaniacs, Bug Catchers, Pokemon Masters & more!

Professor Oak: Hi! What's your name? Are you a boy or a girl?

Me: I'm Erik! You gave me my very first Pokemon years ago in the days of Red/Blue version. Don't you remember?!

Professor Oak: HAH! I can't even remember my own grandson. What was his name again?

Me: Gary. It's Gary.


But, you and the bulbasaur you gave me inspired a lifelong love of Pokemon. I've spent years traveling the world to meet, battle and trade Pokemon new and old. I created this website,, to share that love and the knowledge I've gained with the world...

Professor Oak: ...but, I didn't ask...

Me *enthusiastically*: There are so many other Pokemaniacs like me out there who are searching for cool, cute and quirky Pokemon content and a slowpoke tail is the perfect representation of that!

Professor Oak: Please take this charmander and go!

Me: Thanks, Professor! I'm off to explore!

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