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Eevee Nicknames for Pokemon GO

Nickname Cheats for Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO

eevee nicknames for pokemon go

So, you've been saving a special Eevee in Pokemon GO to evolve into your favorite Eeveeloution for ages! Maybe she's shiny. Maybe she's 3-stars. Maybe you're super lucky and she's both!

But, how can you guarantee that your special Eevee friend will evolve into the Eeveeloution that you want?

There is a specific nickname that you can give your Eevee in Pokemon GO to guarantee it will evolve into your desired Eeveeloution. The caveat is that this nickname trick only works ONE TIME. So, be sure to use it wisely!

To evolve your Eevee into the Eeveeloution below, give it the nickname that follows:

  • Espeon → Sakura

  • Flareon → Pyro

  • Glaceon → Rea

  • Jolteon → Sparky

  • Leafeon → Linnea

  • Sylveon → Kira

  • Vaporeon → Rainer

  • Umbreon → Tamao

Pro tip: Before you click the 'Evolve' button, be sure you see the the silhouette of the evolution you want!

If you don't see the correct silhouette (or you see a question mark), it means you may have spelled it wrong or already used the nickname trick for that Eeveeloution.

Remember, the Eevee evolution nickname trick only works once!

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