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Dynamax Adventure Tips for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Dynamax Adventures is a fun feature introduced with the Crown Tundra expansion pass that gives you the chance to catch all sorts of legendary Pokémon, and also a crazy high chance of encountering shinies (1/300 chance without a shiny charm and 1/100 chance with a shiny charm). If you've gone on any of these adventures, you know that some legendary Pokémon are more challenging to defeat and capture than others (I'm looking at you, Kyogre). This guide will help you know what to look for when choosing between the rental Pokémon to take on your journey.

Dynamax Adventures are a bit different than the regular Max Raids because generally you won't know the typing of the legendary Pokémon at the end until after you've chosen the rental Pokémon that you will start the adventure with. Even then, when you start the adventure, if the legendary has two types, it will only give you one of them. For example, it might show you that the Pokémon you're going up against is water type, so you look for the path that has an electric or grass Pokémon to add to your team. However, when you finally reach the legendary, you are surprised to see that it is Palkia, and all of a sudden your electric and grass type attacks are only normally effective instead of super effective against it.

Luckily, there are ways to try again and be more prepared. If you fail defeating the legendary in an adventure, the scientist will ask at the end if you would like her to write down the location of the Pokémon. If you say yes, then the next time you go an adventure, you can choose to find that Pokémon instead of a random one. Knowing what legendary you are going up against will help you decide between the rental Pokémon offered in the beginning and increase your odds of defeating it.

If you speak with Peonia after an adventure, she will sometimes share the location of one legendary pokemon in exchange for 5 Dynite ore. The location will be saved with the scientist, but keep in mind you can only have up to 3 legendary Pokémon's location saved at any given time.

First and foremost is the players you are going on the adventure with. Computers try their best, but every now and then, they will make silly decisions that aren't helpful at all. (Solrock used cosmic power!) Computer players will also never dynamax while in battle, but you still have to go through all their turns before they Dynamax energy gets back to you.

If you have the Nintendo game pass, you can connect to the Internet and join other players in these adventures. Generally other players seem to know what they're doing, but every now and then, one might be stuck with a troll or someone who is not completely paying attention and therefore make mistakes as silly as the computers.

If you have friends or family close by, you can always hang out and play locally to go on the adventures together as well! I know it's not an option for everyone, but this is my personal favorite as you can help each other pay attention and strategize a little bit better. Unfortunately with these Dynamax Adventures, you can't set a room code to invite friends who are further than visiting distance.

After your team of players is all set, you will choose between four random rental Pokémon to start your adventure with. Unless you know which legendary you are up against, it doesn't really matter which one you pick, so just choose your favorite! Once all the players have their first Pokémon chosen, you will get an overview of the map. As mentioned above, it will show you one of the legendary Pokémon's type, as well as they types of the other Pokémon along each path - so be sure you are paying attention! You can always scroll back up to review the different paths, but you are timed when deciding between a path, so think quickly!

After each Dynamax encounter, you can catch the Pokémon and swap it. A good thing to keep in mind is that you will always successfully catch the Pokémon in these adventures, so feel free to stock up on the cheaper basic Pokéballs! Only one team member can swap out a Pokémon per encounter. If Pokémon from you and your friends' teams faint a total of four times, you will all get kicked out no matter how far you've gotten in the den. So when it comes to swapping Pokémon, make sure you're checking your teammates' Pokemon health and types before claiming it for yourself - it might help your team better if you let someone else swap!

Deciding which paths to take is more than just what type of Pokémon are on that path. There are also piles of berries, scientists, and backpackers on different routes, so make sure you are choosing the path that will benefit your team the most!

  • Berries heal your team

  • Scientists will allow one person in your party to swap Pokémon. It's random and you won't know what Pokémon you are getting, but it can be helpful if you are running dangerously low on health and don't want to lose a life!

  • Backpackers will give each person on your team an item (list of 5 random items to choose from)

Pokemon movesets and abilities are also extremely important to pay attention to, especially when it comes to battling against tough legendaries like Kyogre, who can wipe out your whole team with Origin pulse. For example, having a Pokémon with the move Wide Guard will protect your team from getting KO'd by moves like earthquake and surf and save your precious four lives.

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