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12 Cute Pokemon Party Decor Ideas

These cute Pokemon birthday party decor ideas will get your creative juices flowing and make your little party goers feel like they've just jumped into an electrifying battle at the Vermilion City Gym (hopefully you got the pun)!

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Below, you'll find colorful examples of how you can set up tables, snacks, banners, wall graphics, goody bags and more. Keep scrolling to the end for more photos!

1. Cute Pokemon Cupcake Toppers

Buy on Etsy (click here to buy)

  • Single-sided on white lollipop sticks

  • 2.5" diameter

Pokemon birthday party decor - cupcake toppers

2-3. Pokemon Balloons

4-7. Pokemon table settings

8-9. Banners

Pokemon party decor - Happy birthday banner

10. Pokemon birthday decorations pack

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

  • 47 pieces including the banner, foil balloons, cake topper & cupcake toppers. Does not include the latex balloons, Pokemon plush or other items.

Pokemon party decorations - Pokemon bundle

11. Pikachu Wall Decals

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

  • Pictured in a bedroom, but would be super cute for a birthday party, too!

Pokemon birthday party decor - Pikachu wall decals

12. Pokemon Cake Topper

Buy on Etsy (click here to buy)

  • Choose from 9 Pokemon and personalize name and age

  • Comes in a JPEG format that you can print

More Pokemon Party Decor Ideas:

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