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20 Easy Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas for Busy Parents

Pokemon birthday party ideas for kids

Since the arrival of Pokemon GO and release of the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon -- the beloved franchise of battling monsters, has made a huge comeback with kids again.

Pokemon-themed birthday parties are all the rage these days, but what can you do to set your kids birthday party apart? Well, check out these awesome Pokemon birthday party ideas... you can thank us later!

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Pokemon Birthday Party Games

1. Pin the Tail on the Pokemon

Blindfold each mini Pokemon trainer, give them 4 or 5 spins, then set them free to pin the tail on the Pokemon! Whoever gets it closest wins a Pokemon prize!

Pokemon birthday party games - Pin the tail on the Pokemon

2. Chansey's Egg Race

At every Pokemon Center, you'll find Nurse Joy and the Pokemon 'Chansey'. It's a cute, pink Pokemon that helps heal others and has a little egg in a pouch on it's stomach.

Have the kids play this game just like a classic egg race where they balance an egg on a spoon. Be careful just like Chansey -- take care of the egg and don't let it fall!

Use a household spoon and a real egg -OR- try this colorful wooden 'egg race' kit and skip the mess!

Pokemon birthday party games - Chansey egg race

3. Psyduck Says

Play this game just like 'Simon says'! Tell the kids you're going to use 'confusion attack' (don't worry, they'll get it) on them and try to make them mess up!

4. Water Type Gym Battle

A perfect summer activity, or for those of you who are lucky enough to live in warm areas... Have some water balloons on hand and call for a water type gym battle AKA water balloon fight -OR- a water balloon toss.

5. Pokemon Piñata

Have the kids pretend to be a Farfetch'd as they use 'pound' attack on the piñata with their leek!

Pokemon birthday party games - pikachu pinata

Pokemon Party Favors

6. Reusable Pokemon StrawsBuy on Amazon (click here to buy) Okay, real talk. Are these not the COOLEST straws you've ever seen?! Pair them up with some colorful sodas or juices at your party for that extra WOW factor!

Pokemon birthday party ideas - reusable pokemon straws

7. Pikachu Necklaces

Buy on Etsy (click here to buy)

We've never seen anything like these cute 1" metal Pikachu necklaces, so we had to include them! Super cool, don't you think?!

Pokemon party idea - pikachu necklaces

8. Pokemon Temporary Tattoos or Stickers

Another goody bag staple that can't be left out. The stickers are especially great for decorating school supplies like notebooks and pencil boxes! SCORE!

Pokemon party ideas - Pokemon tattoos

9. Pokemon Shoe Charms

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy) These cute little charms are perfect for Croc-loving kids, but you can add them on normal shoes, too! Just tie them to your laces.

10. Pokemon Trading Cards

Kids LOVE collecting Pokemon trading cards because they're fun to battle with and trade!

We suggest getting a booster pack for each goody bag, but that can be pricey. A cheaper alternative would be to buy a stack of random cards and pop a few in each bag. Just make sure they don't get bent or creased!

Pokemon birthday party idea - Pokemon trading cards

Pokemon Birthday Party Decor

11. Pokemon cupcake toppers

Buy on Etsy (click here to buy)

  • Single-sided on white lollipop sticks

  • 2.5" diameter

Pokemon birthday party - Pokemon cupcake toppers

12-13. Pokemon Balloons

Brighten up any space with these colorful Pokemon balloons! We personally think that it's nice to have both sets at your party for variety, but choose whichever best fits you!

14-17. Pokemon table settings

These adorable and affordable Pikachu place settings are a no-brainer for any Pokemon birthday party!

Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations

18. Dragonite, Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee Pokemon Invitations Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

  • Set of 20 one-sided cardstock Pokemon invitations

  • Professionally printed

Pokemon party ideas - Pokemon birthday invites

19. Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle and Charmander Pokemon Invitations

Pokemon birthday party theme - Pokemon invitations

20. Pikachu, Squirtle & Charmander Pokemon Invitations

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

  • Set of 30 cardstock invitations with envelopes

  • Professionally printed

Pokemon birthday party ideas - Pokemon birthday party invitations

Still haven't found what you're looking for? See more Pokemon birthday party ideas here.

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