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10 Pokemon Birthday Party Favors that Don't Suck

Don't worry, we've scoured the web in search of Pokemon Party Favors that actually don't suck so that you don't have to! These neat bits and bobs are sure to be a hit with all the little Pokemon trainers your birthday boy or girl invites to their big day.

Looking for more Pokemon birthday party ideas?

1. Reusable Pokemon Straws Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

Okay, real talk. Are these not the COOLEST straws you've ever seen?! Pair them up with some colorful sodas or juices at your party for that extra WOW factor!

Pokemon party favors - reusable pokemon straws

2. Pokemon Shoe Charms Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

These cute little charms are perfect for Croc-loving kids, but you can add them on normal shoes, too! Just tie them to your laces.

Pokemon party favor - pokemon charms

3. Stretchy Silicon Pokemon Bracelets

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

Kids love these things, even though the ones they usually wear are silly giveaways from banks or dentist offices. THESE are MUCH cooler because they're Pokemon!

Best Pokemon party favors - pokemon bracelets

4. Pokemon PEZ Candy Dispenser

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

Because no birthday party goodie bag is complete without candy, right?

Pokemon pez - pokemon birthday party favors

5. Pokemon Temporary Tattoos or Stickers

Another goody bag staple that can't be left out. The stickers are especially great for decorating school supplies like notebooks and pencil boxes! SCORE!

Pokemon birthday favors - Pokemon tattoos

6. Pokemon Trading Cards

Kids LOVE collecting Pokemon trading cards because they're fun to battle with and trade!

We suggest getting a booster pack for each goody bag, but that can be pricey. A cheaper alternative would be to buy a stack of random cards and pop a few in each bag. Just make sure they don't get bent or creased!

Pokemon trading cards - pokemon birthday party favors

7. Create Your Own Pokemon Face

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

These sticker sheets are cool because they also serve as a fun activity you can do during your Pokemon-themed birthday party!

Create your own pokemon stickers
Create your own pokemon - birthday party favors

8. Pokemon Mini Figurines Buy on

The picture is terrible, but the figurines are produced by Nintendo, so they're not some weird knock-off Pokemon. This batch is also one of the more reasonably priced that we saw, so there's that!

Pokemon figurines - birthday party favors

9. Pikachu Necklaces

Buy on Etsy (click here to buy)

We've never seen anything like these cute 1" metal Pikachu necklaces, so we had to include them! Super cool, don't you think?!

10. Pokemon Blow Outs

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

No kids birthday party would be complete without these classic party favors, right? They come in all of the original starter Pokemon that the kids will know and love.

Pokemon blow outs - party favors

BONUS: Pokemon Party Favor Packs

We know that some of the favors above are a little pricey, so here are some reasonably-priced multi-packs with various items that we didn't feel should make the list alone. Great for the cost-conscious party-thrower!

BONUS: Pokemon Goody Bags

Buy on Amazon (click here to buy)

Pokemon birthday party bags for party favors

Still haven't found what you're looking for? See more Pokemon Birthday Party Favors here.

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