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What's good against grass Pokemon?

Battling against grass Pokemon can be a bit thorny if you're not prepared! Many grass Pokemon are blessed with numerous status-inducing and life-leeching attacks to watch out for. Sleep powder, leech seed and giga drain are just a few grass type favorites!

Despite the unique battle strategies that many grass Pokemon use, grass typing is considered one of the weakest in the game. It has 5 weaknesses and 7 different types resist grass attacks.

what's good against grass pokemon

Grass type Pokemon are weak to:

Use attacks of these types to deal double damage against grass types. It's super effective!

what's good against grass pokemon

These types resist grass type attacks:

Use Pokemon of these types to take half damage from an opponent's grass type attacks. It's not very effective.

what resists grass type attacks - pokemon

Great Pokemon to use against grass types:

These Pokemon learn super effective attacks or have useful resistances (or both!)

  • Volcarona (bug / fire)

  • Talonflame (fire / flying)

  • Frosmoth (bug / ice)

  • Crobat (poison / flying)

  • Salazzle (poison / fire)

  • Butterfree (bug / flying)

Good attacks to use against grass type Pokemon:

  • Leech life (bug)

  • Bug buzz (bug)

  • Signal beam (bug)

  • Flamethrower (fire)

  • Flare blitz (fire)

  • Flame wheel (fire)

  • Aerial ace (flying)

  • Air slash (flying)

  • Brave bird (flying)

  • Ice beam (ice)

  • Icicle crash (ice)

  • Frost breath (ice)

  • Sludge bomb (poison)

  • Sludge wave (poison)

  • Poison jab (poison)

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