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What's good against fairy Pokemon?

Battling against fairy Pokemon can be confusing because fairy typing was only recently introduced in Gen 6. Suddenly, a bunch of new fairy Pokemon appeared and a few older Pokemon were re-typed to include fairy!

They're the second fewest type only to ice, but tend to rank high in special defense and special attack. This allows many fairy type Pokemon to sponge special hits and fire back with their own!

what's good against fairy pokemon

Fairy type Pokemon are weak to:

Use attacks of these types to deal double damage against fairy types. It's super effective!

what's good against fairy pokemon

These types resist fairy type attacks:

Use Pokemon of these types to take half damage from an opponent's fairy type attacks. It's not very effective.

what resists fairy type attacks

Great Pokemon to use against fairy types:

These Pokemon learn super effective attacks or have useful resistances (or both!)

  • Salazzle (poison / fire)

  • Heatran (steel / fire)

  • Nidoking and Nidoqueen (poison / ground)

  • Weezing (poison)

  • Metagross (steel / psychic)

  • Scizor (steel / bug)

Good attacks to use against fairy type Pokemon:

  • Sludge bomb (poison)

  • Sludge wave (poison)

  • Gunk shot (poison)

  • Iron head (steel)

  • Flash cannon (steel)

  • Steel wing (steel)

What's good against..?


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