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50 Strongest Pokemon List - Through Gen 8

Who are the strongest Pokemon ever?

strongest pokemon list through gen 8

Until recently, it was hard to create a definitive Strongest Pokemon List because not all of the known Pokemon were available in any one game or even generation of games.

For that reason, we've never really been able to pit the best of the best and strongest of strong against each other to see who came out on top.

Pokemon's catch phrase, "Gotta catch 'em all" is actually incredibly hard to do and takes serious time and and equal amount of tech savvy to migrate Pokemon from old games & systems to newer, more advanced consoles & handhelds like the Nintendo Switch.

But NOW, Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sword & Shield's downloadable content — Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra — introduced the National Dex & the ability to collect most of the known Pokemon up through Generation 8 in one place.

It still takes some insane will power, grinding & searching to "catch 'em all", but it's completely worth it if you're a Poke-maniac hell-bent on assembling the strongest team!

Here are the top 50 strongest Pokemon through Gen 8 (including legendaries, mythicals and UBs) in alphabetical order:

  1. Aegislash

  2. Arceus

  3. Blaziken

  4. Calyrex (due to its Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms)

  5. Clefable

  6. Darkrai

  7. Darmanitan (due to its Galar form)

  8. Deoxys

  9. Dialga

  10. Dracovish

  11. Dragapult

  12. Dragonite

  13. Eternatus

  14. Ferrothorn

  15. Garchomp

  16. Genesect

  17. Gengar

  18. Giratina

  19. Greninja

  20. Groudon

  21. Heatran

  22. Ho-Oh

  23. Hydreigon

  24. Kyogre

  25. Kyurem Black

  26. Kyurem White

  27. Landorus

  28. Lugia

  29. Lunala

  30. Magnezone

  31. Marshadow

  32. Mewtwo

  33. Nagandel

  34. Necrozma

  35. Palkia

  36. Pheromosa

  37. Rayquaza

  38. Reshiram

  39. Shaymin (due to its Sky form)

  40. Solgaleo

  41. Tonadus

  42. Tyranitar

  43. Urshifu

  44. Volcarona

  45. Xerneas

  46. Yveltal

  47. Zacian

  48. Zamazenta

  49. Zekrom

  50. Zygarde

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