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What's good against fighting Pokemon?

Battling against fighting Pokemon can be difficult because fighting is a great offensive type, but a lot of types also resist or are immune to their hard-hitting moves!

Fighting type Pokemon tend to be faster than average and generally sport the highest attack stats of all types, so they can move first and cause a lot of damage.

what's good against fighting pokemon

Fighting type Pokemon are weak to:

Use attacks of these types to deal double damage against fighting types. It's super effective!

Ghost type is immune to fighting type attacks

Use a ghost type Pokemon to take zero damage from an opponent's fighting type attacks.

what's immune to fighting type

These types resist fighting type attacks:

Use Pokemon of these types to take half damage from an opponent's fighting type attacks. It's not very effective.

what resists fighting type

Great Pokemon to use against fighting types:

These Pokemon learn super effective attacks or have useful resistances (or both!)

  • Gardevoir (psychic / fairy)

  • Galarian Rapidash (psychic / fairy)

  • Togekiss (fairy / flying)

  • Lunala (psychic / ghost)

  • Crobat (flying / poison)

  • Scyther (flying / bug)

Good attacks to use against fighting type Pokemon:

  • Dazzling gleam (fairy)

  • Moonblast (fairy)

  • Play rough (fairy)

  • Air slash (flying)

  • Acrobatics (flying)

  • Brave bird (flying)

  • Psychic (psychic)

  • Psybeam (psychic)

  • Zen headbutt (psychic)

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