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Ugly Pokemon - 20 Ugliest Pokemon Ranked

These are the 20 ugliest 'ugly' Pokemon, chosen by a lifelong Pokemon fan — so, someone who's spent a lot of time staring at them! They're the kind of creatures that make you want to look away because their designs are downright hideous.

We hope you're equally offended by their lack of beauty.

20. Piloswine

Piloswine looks like a bad 70's haircut that grew a pig nose, stubby tusks and walked away. A great 'ugly Pokemon' to kick off our list!

19. Stunfisk

Stunfisk is a brown blob with a blank stare and a mouth that looks like a Thanksgiving dinner roll. Come on.

18. Loudred

This derpy normal type Pokemon has a stupid gaping mouth & four block teeth, topped off by creepy-looking eyes, a weird nose and speaker things for ears. Why?

17. Barbaracle

Barbaracle is a rock & water type Pokemon with a mess of limbs, claws and eyeballs. We hate how angular and aggressive its design is.

16. Snubbull

The problem with Snubbull is that it's so ugly that it's ALMOST cute. But, it didn't quite make it over that hump, did it?

15. Purugly

If this fat cat Pokemon has one redeeming characteristic, it's that it OWNS being ugly. It's even in its name! We can respect that.

14. Probopass

Probopass is the awful creation that your little cousin comes up with when they try to build your uncle's face (and his nasty mustache) out of toy bricks.

13. Galarian Mr. Mime

As if normal Mr. Mime weren't ugly enough, Game Freak outdid themselves and gave us a Galarian regional variant that's even more hideous and "hi kids do you want some candy"-looking...

12. Jynx

Jynx is a Pokemon with an ugly design ALMOST as bad as its troubled history. It's one of the most controversial pocket monsters ever, and it's not hard to see why even if you don't know its backstory.

11. Crabominable

If you were wondering if combining a crab and the abominable snowman is a good idea for a Pokemon design, we can confirm that it definitely is not. Crabominable is super ugly.

10. Swalot

Like... what is this purple blob? Why are its eyes so small? Why is it making a duck face? What are those noodles hanging from its face? Are those supposed to be tiny, useless hands?

9. Amoonguss

Let's make a thicc mushroom Pokemon, they said! GREAT! And let's give it Pokeballs for hands and hair! GREAT!

8. Gurdurr

Gurdurr is a fighting type Pokemon that looks like a cross between a clown and a piece of rancid grey meat who's holding a steel beam.

7. Garbodor

Garbodor is trash. Literally and figuratively. And what are those silly garbage antennas at the top of its head? And why are its arms different and askew?

6. Toxel

This electric & poison type Pokemon is what comes to mind if you told someone to imagine the "ugliest purple alien baby" they can think of.

5. Palpitoad

Palpitoad looks like it has some nasty, bulbous pimples about ready to burst. Who decided that this was a good design?!

4. Dracovish

This Frankenstein of a Pokemon is composed of three different fossils that were haphazardly mushed together. A fitting backstory for such an hideous Pokemon!

3. Bruxish

Bruxish is honestly a thing of nightmares. Where do we start? Its sharp and interlocking teeth? Its drawn-on grandma lips? Creepily long eyelashes? Mismatching colors and patterns?

2. Feebas

Like useless Magikarp miraculously evolves into the powerful and terrifying Gyarados, the Pokemon Company came up with Feebas as the direct opposite (and pre-evolution) of the beautiful Milotic. It's the definition of an ugly Pokemon.

1. Skrelp

OK, normally seahorses are super cute and adorable. But, not this monstrosity. Skrelp is so ugly that it looks like it's been marinating in toxic toilet sludge and deprived of sleep. Someone get this Pokemon a latte!


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