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The Metapod Sleeping Bag

The #1 Must-have Pokémon Item for that Quarantine Lifestyle

Behold! The amazing Metapod sleeping bag allows you to do nothing but sleep until you evolve into a beautiful Butterfree!

From a certain angle, it looks just like a giant plushie... Perfect for hiding from all the responsibilities that life throws at you 😉

metapod sleeping bag

Unfortunately, this 35,000 yen ($333 USD) item is already sold out until May 2021, but you can head over to Premium Bandai to reserve yours today.

Get a closer look:

metapod bag
metapod sleeping bag
metapod sleeper

You could even re-enact the iconic Metapod battle scene from the 1st season's "Challenge of the Samurai" episode with a friend! The possibilities are endless.

METAPOD! Use harden!

metapod battle

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