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Ugly Fish Pokemon - 10 Ugliest Fish Pokemon Ranked

When someone's talking about Pokemon, most people think of the cute and lovable ones like Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Squirtle. But, there are some seriously ugly and downright hideous Pokemon many of which just happen to be fish!

10. Magikarp

ugly fish pokemon - magikarp

Its derpy, gaping wide mouth and silly whiskers make Magikarp look as ugly as it is useless. Thank goodness that this flopping wonder evolves into something worthwhile at level 20!

9. Remoraid

Remoraid looks like a floating gray potato with eyes and fins. Whoever came up with its design was seriously lacking in creativity that day...

8. Qwilfish

Poor Qwilfish is a floating spike-ball with a rudder, crossed eyes and lips that look like they were stung by one too many Beedrill.

7. Barraskewda

Barraskewda looks like a cross between a cheap kite, a rocket and a bad magician. I mean, what's with the handlebar mustache and snagle-teeth (plural!)?

6. Relicanth

Relicanth is a derpy looking rock and water type Pokemon who is supposed to pay homage to the ancient fish, coelacanth, but this tired likeness sure won't win any beauty contests.

5. Huntail

We're not sure how you can mess up a Pokmeon design based on a creature as cool as an eel, but Huntail's errant teeth, flaring nostrils & silly fins proved that you can!

4. Whiscash

Like Magikarp, Whiscash's whiskers make this blue lump of a fish look silly. It definitely doesn't have a face that says 'snuggle me' ... that's for sure!

3. Stunfisk

Stunfisk is a brown blob with a blank stare and a mouth that looks like a Thanksgiving dinner roll. Come on.

2. Bruxish

Bruxish is honestly a thing of nightmares. Where do we start? Its sharp and interlocking teeth? Its drawn-on grandma lips? Creepily long eyelashes? Mismatching colors and patterns?

1. Feebas

Like useless Magikarp miraculously evolves into the powerful and terrifying Gyarados, the Pokemon Company came up with Feebas as the direct opposite (and pre-evolution) of the beautiful Milotic. It's the definition of an ugly fish Pokemon.


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