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Pokémon Costumes for Babies & Toddlers - 12 Adorable Ideas

Cute Halloween Costumes for Little Ones

pokemon costumes for babies & toddlers

Someone call Officer Jenny! These Halloween costume ideas are so cute, they should be illegal...

This Halloween, the cutest ideas for Pokémon costumes for babies & toddlers are found right here! These adorable disguises are perfect for parents with Pokémon nostalgia and who want to launch the next generation of Pokémon trainers.

Below, you'll find some costume ideas that you can make at home with next to no crafting skills required. Others are pre-made costumes and onsies you can buy online and in stores.

pokemon costumes for babies

1. Snorlax Costume

Snorlax is the heaviest Pokémon because it loves to eat, loaf around and sleep all day! Snorlax is even known to lay down in the middle of roads, fall asleep and completely block traffic. Some may call it fat, but we just think it's chonky.

Did you know? The only way to wake a sleeping Snorlax is with the sound of a special item called a 'Poke Flute'.

pokemon costumes for toddlers

2. Tutu Pikachu Costume

Pikachu is the [cute] face of the franchise and best friend of Ash Ketchum, the show's main character. Pikachu's an electric mouse that's shockingly powerful in battle, often able to defeat foes considered to be much stronger.

What you need for this costume:

Or, get a pre-made Pikachu costume here.

pokemon costume for baby

3. Charizard Costume

This fire breathing lizard is one of Ash Ketchum's powerhouse Pokémon and a fan favorite because of its cool design and independent attitude.

Key parts of this costume are the Charizard hat, tiny little dragon wings and felt tail. Plus, a Charizard stuffed animal to top it off!

pokemon costume for toddler

4. Togepi Costume

Misty, one of Ash Ketchum's best friends and travel companions, once won a mysterious egg in a Pokémon tournament. That egg hatched into a newly discovered Pokémon called Togepi! Misty carried Togepi everywhere she went until it eventually evolved.

Key parts of this costume are the custom hat with Togepi's face on it, and the large, egg-shaped body with colorful shape patterns.

baby pokemon costume

5. Magikarp Costume

While Magikarp is a useless Pokémon, it evolves into the incredibly ferocious and powerful Gyarados at level 20! It's also one of the most beloved and famous Pokémon due to it's almost-cute level of derpy-ness.

Key parts of this custom costume are the mermaid-like tail fin, floppy fins for arms, a golden crest on the head and big, empty eyes.

toddler pokemon costume

6. Eevee Costume

Eevee is one of the cutest and most beloved Pokémon of all! It has the neat ability to evolve into one of seven evolutions: flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, espeon, umbreon, leafeon, glaceon and sylveon

halloween pokemon costume for toddlers

7. Meowth Costume

Meowth is the only Pokémon member of the franchise's iconic trio of villains: Team Rocket. Team Rocket's main goal is to steal Pikachu from Ash Ketchum because of how strong Pikachu is in battle.

Surprisingly, Meowth is the only Pokémon who can actually say words other than their own name, too! Now that's a smart cat!

halloween pokemon costumes for toddlers

8. Jessie & James from Team Rocket Costumes

The two human members of Pokemon's villainous trio, Team Rocket, are Jessie and James!

Jessie, the girl, has fierce magenta hair and a sassy attitude to match. James, the boy, has cool periwinkle hair and is the aloof, silly one in the bunch.

The third and final member of their team is a Pokémon who can talk a Meowth! Meowth is the only Pokémon who can say something other than its name.

What you need for these costumes:

  • Magenta wig -OR- blue wig

  • White long-sleeve shirts

  • Black long-sleeve undershirts

  • White skirt -OR- white pants

  • Black shoes

  • Red felt (for the letter "R" on their shirt)

  • Meowth stuffed animal (optional)

halloween pokemon costume for babies

9. Bulbasaur Costume

Bulbasaur is one of three original starter Pokémon and is a grass and poison type. It is mild mannered and very hard-working and will do whatever it takes to save the day!

This costume could be made by sewing patches of dark blue felt onto a lighter blue onsie, then creating a green garlic-shaped bulb to sew to the back. SO CUTE!

cute halloween pokemon costume baby

10. Squirtle Costume

Squirtle is another original starter Pokémon of the water type. It has a super spunky attitude and was a member of the 'Squirtle Squad', which ran around town causing all kinds of mischief just because they could!

Eventually, Squirtle became friends with Ash Ketchum and decided to join his team and travel the world.

The key parts of this costume are the face on the hood of the onsie, the turtle shell on the front and back, and the curled blue tail.

pikachu costume for babies

11. Pikachu Costume

This little Pikachu onsie costume is a bit better suited for little tykes! It's covering and cozy enough to keep them warm on a cool October day while being equally cute.

The key parts of this onsie costume are the long pointed ears, red circles for the "electric sacks" on the side of its head, and the jagged tail.

pokeball costume for baby - halloween

12. Pokeball Costume

A pokeball is an item that Pokémon trainers throw at wild creatures to catch them and keep them as traveling companions. Over time, the Pokémon they catch and their trainers become great friends as they travel the world and battle together. #wholesome

For this costume, you just need a white or red bonnet, red long-sleeve shirt, white pants and some felt to make the belt. Be sure to make the belt look exactly as shown so it'll be easily recognizable as a Pokeball!

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