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Pokemon in Halloween Costumes - Must-have Plush

Let's gush over Pokemon in Halloween costumes because the spookiest time of year is just around the corner! These adorable plush stuffed animals are perfect additions to your collection of Pokemon memorabilia. OR, they're BOO-tiful gifts for any Halloween-obsessed Pokemon lover.

Mimikyu Noibat Plush Stuffed Animal

pokemon in halloween costumes - noibat mimikyu plush

This spooktacular plush Mimikyu is part of the 2018 'We are Team Trick' collection and stands at 9.5 inches tall. Its Noibat costume is sewn on. Buy on Amazon >

Fun fact: Mimikyu Noibat is known as Mimikkyu Onbat in Japan!

Drifblim Eevee Plush Stuffed Animal

Pokemon in Halloween Costume - Drifblim Eevee plush

Halloween is Eevee's favorite holiday, too! This year, she's dressing up as a Drifblim and is sure to impress all her friends. This special plush is 8.2 inches tall and is a 2016 collectors item. Buy on Amazon >

Promising review: "My daughter likes it very much, and delivery is fast."

Winking Pikachu Holding a Jack O'Lantern Plus Stuffed Animal

winking pikachu holding jack o' lantern plush - halloween pokemon

This adorable Pikachu plush is super soft for hugging on chilly October nights! It stands at 8" tall and comes holding a festive Pikachu-face Jack O'Lantern. Buy on Amazon >

Promising reviews:

"Adorable! This pikachu is so cute, well made, and good for both play and display around Halloween." -C.C.

Ghost Pikachu Plush Stuffed Animal

ghost pikachu plush stuffed animal - halloween

This ghastly Pikachu plush is part of the 2017 Pokemon Center 'Halloween Time' campaign and was only distributed in Japan. Buy on Amazon >

Promising review: "The Halloween Pikachu is one of the best in the Pokemon Center series. It came as brand new without any issues." -Brooke

Scarecrow Mimikyu Plush Stuffed Animal

scarecrow mimikyu plush stuffed animal - halloween costumes

This 10" scarecrow Mimikyu plush epitomizes fall, doesn't it?! Like Ghost Pikachu, it is also part of the 'Halloween Time' line. Buy on Amazon >

Promising reviews:

"This item is awesome. Arrived super fast. So cute and well made. It has great detail. One of it's small pockets has little cloth candies in it. Like Mimikyu just got back from trick or treating. Very pleased with the item and how fast it was delivered." -Stacy G.

"I ordered this for my wife, and her birthday. She loved it! It came very timely all the way from Japan. Make sure to give enough time for shipping, this will not come like it is Prime. This plush is so well made, it has so much detail. You can tell a lot of love was placed into the design and fabric choice. If you have a Mimikyu fan, get them this!" -JS

Team Treat Halloween Pikachu Plush Stuffed Animal

This "sweet" (get it?!) Pikachu in a treat-themed costume is part of the Pokemon Center's 2018 'We are Team Treat' campaign.

Promising Reviews:

"This Halloween Pikachu plush is the best of the Team Treat series. This Pikachu came through shipping and packaging without issues." -Shadow

"He his so cute, soft and we'll made!!! I love him and happy with this purchase!!! Very fast delivery!!!!" -Dominique

Mimikyu Pikachu Plush Stuffed Animal

Mimikyu Pikachu Halloween plush

Mimikyu is the perfect Halloween costume for a fun-loving Pikachu, don't you think? This adorable plush leaves no detail out, down to the creepy smile on the Gengar bucket. Buy on Amazon >

Promising Reviews:

"Bought one for my best friend and he loves it! Got one for myself too!!

Great quality <3 packaged nicely and arrived on time." - Jesus

"It was a gift for my 7 year old and he loves it!" -Tehani R.

Witch Pikachu Plush Stuffed Animal

witch pikachu plush stuffed animal - halloween costume pikachu

This plush Pikachu in a witch costume is so cute, it'll cast a spell on you! It sits at 7" tall and makes a perfect autumn snuggle buddy. Buy on Amazon >

Promising reviews:

"Cute for Halloween or anytime, this is a cute sturdy Pokemon to add to anyone's collection. This is good value for reasonable price and was shipped in a timely manner. I was very pleased." -Barbara K.

"My god daughter loves it. Great quality and the accessories all stayed intact. 5/5" -Joshua G.

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