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11 Pokémon Costumes for Adults

Easy & Fast DIY ideas you can make yourself

pokemon costumes for adults

Halloween is many Pokémon trainers' favorite time of year and these DIY Pokemon costumes for adults are fast and easy ways to get into the spirit of the season!

Below, you'll find different costume ideas which require next to no crafting skills cutting and gluing a bit of felt here and there is the extent of artistry required. But, some of these ideas don't require ANY crafting at all. SCORE!

So, without any further ado ... let's get to it!

pokemon costumes for adults

1. Ash Ketchum Costume

Ash Ketchum is Pokémon's main character (besides Pikachu, of course) and one of the most popular personalities in all of cartoon history! Though the cartoon has been on air for over 20 seasons, he's always remained just 10 years old.

What you need for this costume:

Or, get a pre-made Ash Ketchum costume here.

2. Misty Costume

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu accidentally destroyed Misty's bike, and she vowed to follow him around until he paid her back! After some time, Ash and Misty actually became friends which was great for Ash Misty is the Cerulean City Gym Leader and a talented water-type Pokémon trainer!

What you need for this costume:

See more Misty costume ideas here.

3. Brock Costume

pokemon costumes for adults DIY

Brock joined Ash, Pikachu and Misty early on in their story and (mostly) served as the group's mature voice of reason ... EXCEPT for his obsession with pretty girls! Brock is a powerful Pokémon trainer in his own right and the rock-type leader of the Pewter City Gym.

What you need for this costume:

adult pokemon costumes DIY

4. Nurse Joy Costume

Just visit any Pokémon Center when your Pokémon are injured and Nurse Joy and her trusty Chansey will heal them up! She's super sweet and Brock's never ending love-interest. The two would make for a great Pokémon couples costume!

What you need for this costume:

Or, get a pre-made Nurse Joy costume here.

diy adult pokemon costume

5. Magikarp Costume

While Magikarp is a useless Pokémon, it evolves into the incredibly ferocious and powerful Gyarados at level 20! It's also one of the most beloved and famous Pokémon due to it's almost-cute level of derpy-ness.

What you need for this costume:

  • Orange hoodie

  • Felt or other fabric (for the crest, eyes, lips and fins)

  • Black pants

  • Black shoes

diy pokemon costume adult

6. Poliwhirl Costume

This swirly water & frog Pokémon is a fan favorite because of it's unique design and goofy attitude. Misty once caught a Poliwag that evolved into a Poliwhirl, too!

What you need for this costume:

pokemon costume halloween

7. Gengar Costume

Gengar is one of the original ghost type Pokémon and a perennial spooky favorite! Its wide signature grin is famous worldwide and makes it recognizable even to people with casual knowledge of Pokémon.

What you need for this costume:

team rocket costume

8. Jessie Team Rocket Costume

Jessie is the first member of Pokémon's trio of famous villains: Team Rocket. She always looks fierce and fabulous and has the sassy attitude to back it up.

What you need for this costume:

Or, get a pre-made Jessie costume here.

9. James Team Rock Costume

James is the second human member of Team Rocket who's thoughtful, aloof and generally provides the comic relief.

What you need for this costume:

Or, get a pre-made James costume here.

10. Pikachu Costume

Pikachu is the [cute!] face of the Pokémon franchise and recognized around the world. He's Ash Ketchum's best friend and surprisingly powerful battling partner.

Team Rocket's main goal is always to steal Pikachu, but they're thwarted by Ash and his friends each episode.

What you need for this costume:

  • Yellow t-shirt or tank top

  • Yellow skirt or yellow tutu

  • Pikachu ears

  • Pikachu tail (optional)

  • Felt, craft foam or makeup for the circles on Pikachu's cheeks

Cute variations:

  • Yellow dress

  • Black knee-high boots

  • Black stilettoes

  • Yellow knee-high socks

Or, check out pre-made Pikachu costumes here.

pokemon halloween costumes adult

11. Jigglypuff Costume

Jigglypuff is a cute, puffy little Pokemon who loves to sing. But, unfortunately, its beautiful voice has the power to lull everyone to sleep! Jigglypuff caused a lot of problems for Ash and company during the first few seasons of the show.

After Jigglypuff would unintentionally put its audience to sleep, it would be mad they weren't listening to its song and would draw all over their faces with marker!

What you need for this costume:

  • Pink sweatshirt

  • Felt or other fabric (for the eyes, ears, hair curl and mouth)

  • Black pants or pink pants

  • Pink tutu (optional)

Make it authentic:

Carry around an oversized black marker and pretend to sing into it!

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