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The Best Legendary Bug Type Pokemon Ever - Ranked

If you want to add the best legendary bug type Pokemon to your team, look no further! These legendary & Ultra Beast Pokemon have some of the best stats, move pools & abilities of all bug types which allow them to thrive in competitive battling and general game-play.

3. Buzzwole

best legendary bug type pokemon - buzzwole

This Ultra Beast Pokemon appeared from another world. Buzzwole shows off its body, but whether that display is a boast or a threat remains unclear.

Good attacks for Buzzwole: hammer arm, earthquake, ice punch, drain punch, bulk up, roost, toxic

2. Pheromosa

best legendary bug type pokemon - pheromosa

One of the dangerous Ultra Beast Pokemon, Pheromosa has been spotted running across the land at terrific speeds.

Good attacks for Pheromosa: low kick, U-turn, ice beam, throat chop, poison jab, high jump kick, drill run

1. Genesect

best legendary bug type pokemon - genesect

Genesect is an ancient bug Pokémon who was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded the cannon on its back with the latest technology.

Good attacks for Genesect: U-turn, iron head, extreme speed, explosion, flamethrower

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