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The Top 10 Best Ice Type Pokemon Ever

If you want to add the strongest and best ice type Pokemon to your team, look no further! These Pokemon have the best stats, move pools & abilities of all non-legendary ice types which allow them to thrive in competitive battling and general game-play.

Honorable Mentions:

Beartic, Aurorus, Vanilluxe, Arctozolt, Rotom-Frost

10. Lapras

best ice type pokemon - lapras

People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, it is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

Good attacks for Lapras: freeze dry, hydro pump, ice beam, thunderbolt, toxic

9. Glaceon

best ice type pokemon - glaceon

By controlling its body heat, Glaceon can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry.

Good attacks for Glaceon: ice beam, frost breath, shadow ball, yawn, toxic

8. Frosmoth

best ice type pokemon - frosmoth

Icy scales fall from its wings like snow as it flies over fields and mountains. The temperature of Frosmoth's wings is less than −290 degrees Fahrenheit.

Good attacks for Frosmoth: ice beam, hurricane, bug buzz, giga drain, quiver dance

7. Avalugg

best ice type pokemon - avalugg

Avalugg's ice-covered body is as hard as steel. Its cumbersome frame crushes anything that stands in its way.

Good attacks for Avalugg: avalanche, rapid spin, earthquake, recover, toxic

6. Froslass

best ice type pokemon - froslass

Froslass freezes foes with an icy breath nearly -60 degrees Fahrenheit. What seems to be its body is actually hollow.

Good attacks for Froslass: ice beam, shadow ball, icy wind, destiny bond, spikes

5. Alolan Ninetales

best ice type pokemon - alolan ninetales

Ninetales casts a sinister light from its bright eyes to gain total control over its foe's mind. It is said that Ninetales can live for a thousand years.

Good attacks for Alolan Ninetales: blizzard, icy wind, freeze dry, hypnosis, hail

4. Galarian Darmanitan

best ice type pokemon - galarian darmanitan

When Darmanitan is injured in a fierce battle, it hardens into a stone-like form. Then it meditates and sharpens its mind.

Good attacks for Galarian Darmanitan: icicle crash, flare blitz, U-turn, superpower, earthquake

3. Cloyster

best ice type pokemon - cloyster

Cloyster is capable of swimming in the sea. It does so by swallowing water, then jetting it out toward the rear. It shoots spikes from its shell using the same system.

Good attacks for Cloyster: icicle spear, rapid spin, shell smash, toxic spikes, spikes, explosion

2. Weavile

best ice type pokemon - weavile

Weavile lives in snowy regions. It carves patterns in trees with its claws as a signal to others. They attack their quarry in packs. Large prey easily fall to the teamwork of a group of Weavile.

Good attacks for Weavile: knock off, icicle crash, ice shard, pursuit

1. Mamoswine

best ice type pokemon - mamoswine

A frozen Mamoswine was dug from ice dating back 10,000 years. It has been around a long, long, long time.

Good attacks for Mamoswine: earthquake, icicle crash, ice shard, knock off, stealth rocks

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