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The Top 10 Best Steel Type Pokemon Ever

If you want to add the best steel type Pokemon to your team, look no further! These Pokemon have the best stats, move pools & abilities of all non-legendary steel types which allow them to thrive in competitive battling and general game-play.

Honorable Mentions:

Corviknight, Doublade, Magneton, Bronzong, Escavalier

10. Metagross

best steel type pokemon - metagross

Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. Metagross can float in the air by tucking in its four legs.

Good attacks for Metagross: meteor mash, ice punch, rock slide, thunder punch, bullet punch, earthquake, zen headbutt, stealth rocks

9. Lucario

best steel type pokemon - lucario

By catching the aura emanating from others, Lucario can read their thoughts and movements from over a mile away.

Good attacks for Lucario: close combat, meteor mash, earthquake, extreme speed, flash cannon, focus blast, aura sphere, dark pulse, swords dance, nasty plot

8. Bisharp

best steel type pokemon - bisharp

Bisharp is a pitiless Pokémon who commands a group of Pawniard to hound prey into immobility. It then moves in to finish the prey off.

Good attacks for Bisharp: knock off, iron head, sucker punch, pursuit, swords dance

7. Klefki

best steel type pokemon - klefki

Klefki are key collectors who threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.

Good attacks for Klefki: play rough, foul play, spikes, thunder wave, toxic, magnet wave, swagger

Pro tip: use Klefki's 'prankster' ability to gain priority on all status moves!

6. Skarmory

best steel type pokemon - skarmory

Skarmory is entirely encased in hard, protective armor. It flies at close to 190 mph and slashes foes with its wings that possess swordlike cutting edges.

Good attacks for Skarmory: drill peck, iron head, brave bird, toxic, spikes, whirlwind, roost, defog, iron defense

5. Scizor

best steel type pokemon - scizor

Scizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. Scizor flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.

Good attacks for Scizor: bullet punch, superpower, knock off, U-turn, swords dance, roost

4. Excadrill

best steel type pokemon - excadrill

Excadrill can help in tunnel construction. Its drill has evolved into steel strong enough to bore through iron plates.

Good attacks for Excadrill: earthquake, iron head, rapid spin, swords dance, stealth rocks, toxic

3. Magnezone

best steel type pokemon - magnezone

Sometimes the magnetism emitted by Magnezone is too strong, making them attract each other so they cannot move.

Good attacks for Magnezone: thunderbolt, flash cannon, volt switch, substitute, thunder wave, toxic

2. Aegislash

best steel type pokemon - aegislash

Generations of kings were attended by Aegislash, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon.

Good attacks for Aegislash: king's shield, gyro ball, iron head, shadow ball, sacred sword, shadow sneak, swords dance, toxic

1. Ferrothorn

best steel type pokemon - ferrothorn

By swinging around its three spiky feelers and shooting spikes, Ferrothorn can obliterate an opponent.

Good attacks for Ferrothorn: gyro ball, power whip, knock off, body press, leech seed, stealth rocks, spikes, thunder wave

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