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8 Unique Pokémon Gifts You Haven't Seen Before

Sure, you can head over to just about any general merchandise store and probably find some sort of Pikachu plushie or trading cards of the most recent generation.

But, if you're looking for a unique gift for that Pokémon fanatic in your life (or want to treat yourself to something really awesome), check out some of the things below!

1) Pokefy your Pet!

Do you know someone who loves their furbabies as much as they love Pokémon? Then head over to Poke Pet Shop and get them one of these adorable custom Pokemon cards.

unique pokemon gifts

2) Pokémon Hunter on Board! Vinyl sticker decal

I'm sure everyone still knows that one person who goes out for all the Pokémon Go legendary raids and keeps up with the daily challenges (guilty). So why not get them one of these decals from Etsy artist KcustomDesign. It won't excuse them from driving like a maniac to catch that holiday-hat Pikachu...or will it?

pokemon gift unique

3) Pokémon Advent Calendar

This year has been pretty crazy, but you know what would make it better? Counting down the days until Christmas with Pokémon! This advent calendar is a bit pricey, but you get some pretty awesome collectibles. TOTALLY worth it...

holiday pokemon gift

4) Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

Yes, we know what you're probably thinking: If my friend has the Sword and/or Shield game, haven't they already probably purchased the expansions?

Well, maybe, but there are a decent amount of people out there who view it as one of those "I'd love it as a gift, but I'm not going to spend my own money on it" sort of items.

5) PokéNatomy Book

If your Pokémon-loving friend is also a biology fanatic, you absolutely must check out this book from Etsy seller MultiverseBooks. Even if you are not too big into science, you can still enjoy the beautifully illustrated pages and in depth details of the original 151 Pokémon.

pokenatomy book

6) Grumpy Pokemon Vinyl Stickers

Artist Nerdile makes some pretty adorable grumpy Pokémon stickers. They don't have all 898 Pokémon grumpified yet, but they do have a pretty nice selection.

pokemon vinyl stickers
pokemon stickers

7) Pokeball Waffle Iron

Have a friend that wants gifts to be a little more on the useful side? Why not get them a Pokeball waffle iron? It would also make a great housewarming gift!

pokemon waffle iron

8) Pokemon Planters

Bulbasaur and Oddish make perfect succulent planters! Check them out at the PropsAndPop store to see their different variations. (Reminder: Plant not included)

oddish pokemon planters gift
bulbasaur pokemon planter gift

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