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How Many Pokemon are There?

Including 2020's Brand New Gen 8 Pokemon

how many pokemon are there now - 2020 - generation 8

Over the last 20 years, literally hundreds of new Pokemon have been discovered — but, how many Pokemon are there now?

With the 2019 introduction of Pokemon Sword & Shield and 2020's update to the National Dex with The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra expansion, there are now 898 Pokemon (as of 11/11/2020).

The National Dex now begins with #001 Bulbasaur and ends with #898 Calyrex which, ironically, are both part grass types! Another fun fact is that both Bulbasaur and Calyrex have bulbs — bulbasaur has a bulb on its back and Calyrex has one on its head.

Generation 1 introduced 151 Pokemon

  • #001 Bulbasaur to #151 Mew

  • Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Blue version, Pokemon Yellow version

Generation 2 introduced 100 new Pokemon

  • #152 Chikorita to #251 Celebi

  • Pokemon Gold version, Pokemon Silver version, Pokemon Crystal version

Generation 3 introduced 135 new Pokemon

  • #252 Treecko to #386 Deoxys

  • Pokemon Ruby version, Pokemon Sapphire version, Pokemon Emerald Version, Pokemon Fire Red version, Pokemon Leaf Green version

Generation 4 introduced 107 new Pokemon

  • #387 Turtwig to #493 Arceus

  • Pokemon Diamond version, Pokemon Pearl version, Pokemon Heart Gold version, Pokemon Soul Silver version

Generation 5 introduced 156 new Pokemon

  • #494 Victini to #649 Genesect

  • Pokemon Black version, Pokemon White version, Pokemon Black 2 version, Pokemon White 2 version

Generation 6 introduced 72 new Pokemon

Generation 7 introduced 88 new Pokemon

Generation 8 introduced 89 new Pokemon

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