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Pokemon Sword Gym Order, Gym Leaders & Types

In a battle, it's always an advantage to know who you're up against! This Pokemon Sword Gym Order list will help give you the upper hand.

pokemon sword gym order, leaders & types

Pokemon Sword Gym Order

  1. Turffield Gym Leader: Milo Type: Grass Levels 19-20

  2. Hulbury Gym Leader: Nessa Type: Water Levels 22-24

  3. Motostoke Gym Leader: Kabu Type: Fire Level 25

  4. Stow-On-Side Gym Leader: Bea Type: Fighting Levels 34-36

  5. Ballonlea Gym Leader: Opal Type: Fairy Levels 36-38

  6. Circhester Gym Leader: Gordie Type: Rock Levels 40-42

  7. Spikemuth Gym Leader: Piers Type: Dark Levels 44-46

  8. Hammerlocke Gym Leader: Raihan Type: Dragon Levels 46-48

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