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50+ Funny Names for Pokemon That Will Make Your Granny Blush

If you don't take yourself too seriously, picking a funny names for Pokemon is a riot! But, it can be tough to come up with something that fools the game's forbidden words and toes the line between giving someone a good chuckle and being downright raunchy!

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Below, you'll find funny Pokemon nickname ides for specific Pokemon. Some are just clever. Others are just WRONG! We're tossing political correctness out the window, so we hope you're not easily offended!

Pro Tip: scroll to the bottom for the really LOL-worthy ones...

Funny names for Pokemon

  • Khanstipated - for kangaskhan

  • Viagra (because that wood ain't real!) - for sudowoodo

  • DaCircumsizr - for crabby & kingler

  • MILF - for nidoqueen

  • DILF - for nidoking

  • Patrick (like from Spongebob) - for staryu and starmie

  • Splash - for magikarp

  • Viagra (because that wood ain't real!) - for sudowoodo

  • Mojo-Jojo (like from Powerpuff Girls) - for monkey Pokemon like infernape, primape, slaking, grookey and rillaboom

  • Noodles - for tangela & tangrowth or even octillery

  • McNugget - for torchic, blaziken, Ho-Oh, archeops

  • FlygonJinn - homage to the great Quigon-Jinn from STAR WARS

  • Trike - for dodrio, magneton & hydreigon

  • TreeStooges - for exeggutor

  • Aspirin - for psyduck

  • Squidward (like from Spongebob) - for malmar, tentacruel and omastar

  • Fatso - self explanatory

  • Dufus or Derpy - for derpy looking Pokemon

  • Onixpected - for Onix

  • KFC - especially good for fire/flying types OR the blaziken line

  • Barbie - for jynx, gardevoir, tsareena & lilligant

  • BirdJesus - for pidgeot

  • PewPew - for any Pokemon that shoots something like blastoise and magmortar

  • Legs - for bug-type Pokemon like scolipede, ariados, drapion and centiskortch

  • ISIS or Terrorist - for Pokemon that know self-destruct

  • Barbecue - for pig Pokemon like tepig, emboar and grumpig

  • ProPain - like propane but bringin' the hurt!

  • Puff - for dragon-type Pokemon

  • Lunch or Dinner - for any Pokemon resembling chicken, pig, or cow

  • Weed - for any grass type Pokemon but best for leafy-looking ones

  • Bluntneck - for bayleef

  • Chiquita - for tropius

  • Fridge - for any ice type Pokemon

  • LLCruelJ - for tentacruel

  • Freeloader - I mean, they live off you, right?

  • Legend - for any LONG Pokemon like onix, gyarados and rayquaza

  • Fishsticks - for any fish Pokemon

  • Squirt - for any water Pokemon

  • ShuckNorris - for shuckle

  • Frostitute - for jynx

  • BlueWaffle - for cloyster

And here are some that are as hilarious as they are terrible!


Well... that's unfortunate!

Funny names for Pokemon


And one order egg roll? Fifteen minute!

Funny pokemon nicknames


Let's not get political.

Funny names for Pokemon

Oh sh*t he

Granny would wash that mouth out with soap!

Funny pokemon nicknames


How arousing...

Funny nicknames for Pokemon


It means no worries, you'll be a beedrill soon enough!

Funny names for Pokemon


A geodude kamikaze

Funny nicknames Pokemon

This sh*t

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

Funny Pokemon nicknames

Miley Cyrus

She came in like a wrecking ball

Funniest pokemon nicknames


The most precious jewels in the sea

Funniest names for Pokemon

Oh D*mn He

Funny nicknames for Pokemon


The frost Reich

Funny nicknames for Pokemon


Ouch. How insensitive.

Funniest Pokemon nicknames


A convincing performance

Funny names for Pokemon


She works hard for her money!

Funniest names for Pokemon


Ooooohh... sharp!

Funny Pokemon nicknames

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