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Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite - Reddit Reviews

What are the pros, cons & specs for the Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite? We compiled the features of each console on a handy table so you can visualize the differences.

Plus, we included some helpful reviews from Reddit users who own both the OG/V2 Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite so you can consider their feedback, too! (Scroll down to read the Reddit reviews.)

nintendo switch vs switch lite reddit reviews

*Nintendo Switch Lite can connect joy-cons / controllers for table-top mode and games that don't support handheld mode. Joy-cons need their own charger.

WINNER: Nintendo Switch by a score of 10-2

While it all comes down to preference, the original Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch V2 are premium consoles that offer all the best features. Some of our favorites are the ability to play on the TV, compatibility with multi-player games and battery life (on the V2 unit).

But, the Switch Light May be Right for You

If you mostly play solo games and don't care about playing on the TV, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers nice savings, is more portable, and a bit more "solid" of a unit. It can even slip into some pockets for easier traveling than its OG/V2 counterpart.


But, don't just take our word for it! Check out these helpful reviews from Reddit users:


"I got the Switch (for the portability) and I underestimated how I will like it playing on TV... I play my games on TV when at home, while I play it handheld when on the go. Aside from better portability, the only advantage of the Lite that I can think of is it generally has better colors."

tell-a-phone, Reddit Winner: Nintendo Switch Lite

"It’s portable for sure, as I carried mine in a case for years before Lite existed. But truth is, it’s not as portable. Lite is pocketable. I take mine to work every day and I don’t even need to carry a case with a spine handle anymore. It just slides right in the inner jacket/sweatshirt pocket, even back jeans pocket (magnetic flip case recommended)."

JaxonH, Reddit Winner: It's up to you

One is handheld only, the other is handheld and can be hooked up to a tv. It’s all up to how you want to play."

Wolfmg, Reddit Winner: Nintendo Switch

"I have both. I keep my OG in my home and my lite comes out with me. The lite cannot be docked. It's also missing the treble feature. I personally love both. There are obvious cons in comparing the two but I would suggest the OG."

luckywolfpaw, Reddit Winner: Nintendo Switch

If you have absolutely no intention of docking it to the TV to play Smash or couch co-op with people and you don't mind not having rumble or being able to customize the system with different kinds of joy-cons - then get the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is a lot more portable and solid with it being one unit, it feels great and will be great for traveling with. But the lack of TV-out and rumble killed it for me. If they'd included those 2 things, I'd be singing its praises over the original Switch day and night."

VRblend, Reddit


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