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LEAKED: Never-before-seen Pokemon Gold & Silver Beta Sprites

Another demo for Pokemon Gold & Silver has leaked online including some never-before-seen (an unused) beta sprites.

beta pokemon sprite leak

The new Gold & Silver sprites include previously unknown and unseen Pokemon and household favorites like Pichu and Celebi. Other notable inclusions are Wooper and Wobbuffet.

beta pokemon sprite leak

Many people have been trying to guess the previously unknown Pokemon's possible types and evolutions.

In 2018, a different demo of Pokemon Gold & Silver leaked online and also contained many unused sprites as well as a lot of unknown content. An early demo of Pokemon Red & Green followed shortly which also contained a lot of beta content. Since, there have been sprite leaks from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and a very interesting leak of Pokemon Yellow that hinted at a lost game called Pokemon Pink whose title character was Clefairy.


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