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ALL 19 Known Baby Pokemon

List of all Baby Pokemon up through Generation 8

baby pokemon list - list of baby pokemon

In Generation 2, a short list of Baby Pokemon were discovered! Since then, a handful more cute & cuddly creatures have been added.

But what are Baby Pokemon?

They're the lowest form of evolution within an evolutionary line. They're obtainable through breeding, but cannot breed themselves. They must be able to evolve at least once and also belong to the Undiscovered Egg Group.

Over the years, Baby Pokemon are typically obtained through breeding. However, there have been instances where NPCs gave players eggs which contained Baby Pokemon.

In the Nintendo Switch's Pokemon Sword & Shield, some Baby Pokemon even roam free in the wild.

Baby Pokemon List

  • Azurill

  • Bonsly

  • Budew

  • Chingling

  • Cleffa

  • Elekid

  • Happini

  • Igglybuff

  • Magby

  • Mantyke

  • Mime Jr.

  • Munchlax

  • Pichu

  • Riolu

  • Smoochum

  • Togepi

  • Toxel

  • Tyrogue

  • Wynaut

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